I Have Words on Voice Chat

Hey, you got a mic? So there I was, playing this neat little game called Splitgate: Arena Warfare. It’s a good time, boasting that it is a combination of Halo and Portal. The portal mechanic in particular is simply amazing and one of my favorite things that I’ve seen an online shooter do in recent […]

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Grading Skyborn

Fantasy takes to the skies. Created by Dancing Dragon Games, Skyborn was an interesting game to play through for me personally. In fact, it might have even been a little awkward though that’s not because of anything in the game. Looking back at the last several games I’ve played many of them have either been […]

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Grading Final Fantasy VII

And they say Kingdom Hearts is hard to follow… Okay, time for some confessions and/or reminders depending on how well you know me. Confession #1: I have never played a Final Fantasy game before this. The closest I ever came to that was Kingdom Hearts. Confession #2 (or possibly reminder if you know my tastes): […]

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