Grading Kingdom Hearts II

If Kingdom Hearts III can take its sweet time, then I am allowed to take my sweet time on getting around to this title. The most ambitious crossover that wasn’t Smash Bros. first graced us in 2002. It was, and still is, one of the weirder ideas to come to life in the gaming world. […]

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I Have Words on Long Games

This game is how long? Recently a friend showed off a Kotaku AU that talked about playing long games. More specifically, “how to play long games.” Yes, that’s the headline. I read it, and it’s a nice and interesting read all around. It’s got some genuinely good advice, and I’d encourage you to give it a […]

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Grading Batman: Arkham Origins

(Notice: Ad links below review) The nightmare before Christmas. Poor Batman. Guy can’t catch a break even on Christmas Eve. In this prequel adventure to the Arkham series, you don the cape of the one and only Dark Knight once again (technically the first time because, you know, prequel game) and square off against various […]

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Grading Super Mario Odyssey

Our 1UP boy is back! Had you told me that Super Mario Odyssey would  be one of, if not the greatest, 3D Mario games to be released yet, I might have looked at you funny. I can recall looking at the first trailer for the game and immediately asking if this was going to be […]

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Grading XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Good luck Commander? Oh yeah, you need luck alright. I really wanted to like XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Everything about it seemed right up my ally. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a strategy game where you move around your squad units to defeat the alien units that are attacking earth. As you navigate the battlefield, you will […]

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