Grading Trine 2

Now you’re thinking with portals, boxes, pipes, levers… Here’s a fun fact for you: this is the first co-op game Katy (my wife) and I have played through together. You might say it’s our first true bonding test since getting married. To make a long story short, I’d say we did alright. At no point […]

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Grading Sonic Generations

The blue blur did alright. I don’t have much of a history with Sonic the Hedgehog the way some people do. I’ve only played a few of the chili dog loving hedgehog’s games and all of them were either good or meh. This is perhaps the best Sonic game I’ve played so far, but that’s […]

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Grading Metroid Prime

Blasting into the 3D space. I really enjoy the Metroid games, yet despite that I’ve never played through any of the Prime games from beginning to end. There’s some memories of playing the beginning of Prime 3 with a friend a few years ago but that’s about where it ends. Over Christmas my wife got […]

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