Grading Doom Eternal

Ripping and tearing some more. The previous Doom game, Doom 2016 as it’s typically referred to, was one of the best games of the 2010s. It is, in my mind, an evolution of the FPS (first person shooter) genre. A game that future video games in the FPS genre should look to for pointers in […]

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Grading Katamari Damacy Reroll

Do your best. Katamari Damacy is an interesting game. It doesn’t sound like rolling things up into a ball should be all that exciting of a game, and yet it’s that very premise that makes one want to check it out. Obviously the mileage someone gets from Katamari will vary from one person to the […]

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Grading Transistor

A good game that didn’t hook me. You know that one game that you think about now and again that makes you say “man, I really need to play that”? Or maybe just games by a certain developer? That’s me for both Transistor and Supergiant Games as a whole. I’m well aware of their work, […]

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Grading Deus Ex

My gaming is augmented. Deus Ex, often mispronounced as…well…I’ll let you figure it out. This game was often considered the best game of 2000, the year it released, and even now it’s talked about quite fondly. After playing the game myself, courtesy of my wife who saw it on sale for one dollar and thought […]

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I Have Words on Games I look Forward to in 2020 (And Some That I’m At Least Somewhat Interested In)

New year, new games to dump time into. I’m taking a good long look at the list of games coming out in 2020 according to Wikipedia. Of the games I noted, there are eight titles coming out that I at least have a passing interest in. And of those eight, only three of them are […]

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